An eco-friendly transformation that originates from organic substances from the bare ground.

Thimos is the result of an extremely sophisticated technique, which requires the perfect skill of specialized artisans. The aging effect, which gives the boards a unique material and worn look, is obtained by applying a natural reactive, already in use in the 1800s. The action of the primer interacts with the tannins in the wood, causing oxidation. The painting of the slats is performed by applying mineral-based and/or vegetable dyes, the latter based on extracts of safflower, castor, coconut, hemp and sunflower. The treatment is completed with a top coat of propolis and natural waxes, which ensures protection and ease of maintenance. The many applications by brush, sponge and fleece are preceded by thorough washing and are interspersed with a meticulous sanding of the boards. The various steps, performed by skilled craftsmen, give Thimos a soft, chromatic effect and a natural look.

This process, completely eco-friendly, derives from the action of organic substances that help to limit the contraction and dilation of the wood. This protects it from moisture and temperature changes, to avoid stains and abrasions, maintaining the breathability of the material as well as eliminating the accumulation of electrostatic charges. Thimos is the ecological response to a knowledgeable clientele, which demands a natural and non-toxic product without sacrificing sophisticated finishes.