'700 - Venetian Bricole

A wooden floor that brings to the home a valuable fragment of the evocative atmosphere of Venice.

The Venetian Bricole are the towering piles of oak and chestnut, suggestively surfacing from the sea, that help to characterize the typical architecture and landscape of the lagoon city. Used for centuries for the foundations of buildings, the construction of breakwaters, wharfs and quays, they now become the valuable raw material from which Oldfloor obtains an exclusive collection of wooden floors. Erosion created by the passage of time, the salt and tides, gives the Bricole a priceless charm, but require an intervention of great virtuosity and meticulous craftsmanship. The complex machining process begins with a long drying, made necessary by centuries submerged in water. Initially, the wood is stored in out-door deposits, where it stays in contact with the air and atmospheric conditions, and is then transferred to sealed storage where the timber is subjected to a repeated and controlled drying process.

Subsequently, the planks are treated individually through a craftsmanship that preserve and enhance the small surface imperfections, giving a unique and inimitable material. Each board is then restored with the application of fillers or resins, which transform what are generally considered as defects into distinctive features.